Top 4 mistakes when setting up a CDN

Why does cache performance matter?

A low cache hit ratio means much longer loading times. And little is more irritating. To fully embrace the power of your CDN, you need to elevate your cache hit ratio. Don’t lose your audience from something easily preventable.

How can you recognize an underperforming cache?

A decreased or zero cache hit ratio is mostly caused by mistakes in the CDN setup. Requests are not hitting the cache on the edge servers and are rerouted to the origin server. This should be avoided in order to shorten loading times.

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Boost your cache performance!

Regardless of the CDN provider

Accelerate data delivery by maximizing your cache-hit ratio.
Optimize your cache performance with our step-by-step guide.

What causes low cache hit ratio?

There are 4 major causes of poor cache performance. If your cache is cold, you're probably making one of these common mistakes:

  • Cross icon Sending incorrect cache-control headers
  • Cross icon Sending set-cookie headers with your files
  • Cross icon Setting incorrect expiry / max-age headers
  • Cross icon Incorrectly setting expiration time in your dashboard

Are you clueless about your low cache hit ratio?

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