API v3 Docs intro

As a CDN77 customer, you can make use of our CDN REST API to automate your CDN Resource management or your account management. Find out more about the features and how to get started below.

Getting started

Once you've set up your CDN77 account, navigate to Account Settings in our Client Panel and select the API Token section. Here you can manage your access tokens for authenticating with our API, make sure to store your access token securely so no one else can access it.


In order to make your first v3 API request, set your token in the request headers as per the following example:

curl --request GET https://api.cdn77.com/v3/cdn --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_GENERATED_TOKEN'

If the endpoint requires a request body make sure to include it in your request. Note that our API only accepts content type application/json as request body. Example:

curl \
    --request POST https://api.cdn77.com/v3/cdn/1234567890/job/prefetch \
    --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_GENERATED_TOKEN' \
    --data-raw '{
        "paths": [

Possible response codes

200 OKYour request has been processed. The response includes the requested object.
201 CreatedYour request has been processed and the resource was created. The response includes the created object.
202 AcceptedYour request has been accepted and will be processed shortly.
204 No ContentYour request has been processed.
401 UnauthorizedRequest refused, invalid authentication credentials.
403 ForbiddenRequest authentication failed.
404 Not FoundThe requested resource could not be found.
405 Method not allowedAttempt to access endpoint with invalid method.
422 Unprocessable entityThe request contains invalid JSON formatting or data. Problems are specified in response.
5XX Internal Server ErrorThe server encountered an unexpected error, please try again later or contact our support department.

Note that the API response body will be in application/json format.

JSON Schema

Use can use our schema to generate your own client or in postman for testing purposes api.cdn77.com/v3/docs/v3.json