Bradmax Player Analytics

Once the player is set properly, it would be possible for you to use the “Playback Analytics” section on Streamflow to access in-depth analytics about the content you are streaming.

Analytics overview

The analytics are split into many options for an elaborate and extensive understanding of the audience and the content itself.

  • Real-time: allows you to see the real-time viewers in minutes and seconds.
  • Audience: collects and presents a graph of the number of unique users and views over time.
  • Geo: provides an overview of the geo-distribution of your audience in the form of a map.
Map of geo-distribution
  • Technology: enables you to keep track of the technologies used by your audience to view the content (e.g. browsers, devices, operating systems)
  • Top content: sorts the videos in terms of views. You can also choose to view the list of top content filtered by week, month, year, etc.
    When clicking on a specific video "Id", you'll get more detailed analytics about that specific video, such as the views, total watching time, and time per view.
video analytics