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Setting Up MistServer with a CDN

In order to integrate MistServer with the CDN correctly, it is necessary that HLS streams are correctly cached by the CDN, as this improves the overall effectiveness of delivery.

By default, MistServer sets the cache control header to "no-cache" for individual .ts segments which make up the HLS manifest.

Once you have finished installing MistServer navigate to the web-based administration panel.

1. When you have logged into the MistServer administration panel, click on "Protocols" on the left side.

2. As this setting is specific to HLS live streams, click on Edit for the protocol "Apple segmented over HTTP (HLS)".

3. Check the option "Merge Sessions" and press Save.

4. Enabling the "Merge Sessions" setting removes the cache-control: no-cache header and makes a HLS stream cachable by the CDN.