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Setting up Bradmax Player with CDN77

Log in to your Streaming Portal. You can do that by clicking your name in the CDN panel on the top right and choosing "Login to Streaming Portal"

(If you cannot see this option in the menu, please contact us on the chat in the bottom right corner)

Navigate to "VIDEO PLAYERS" on the left-hand side of your CDN77 Streaming Portal.

1. If you have not yet created a video player, click on "create new".

2. When the player has been generated, proceed to customise it. For instance, you can edit the many colours of the UI, such as the playback button, the text colours or you can completely change the skin of the player.

Do you want your users to share your content? You can adjust which social buttons you wish to activate, in the "brand & share" section. These include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc...

3. Once you are happy with the customisations, click on "save changes"

4. Proceed to click "yes, generate files"

5. Now it is up to you how you wish to integrate the video player within your project. Click on "download" if you wish to host the video player files yourself.

If you would like to just embed the player within your project, click on "embed code".

6. The benefit of the downloadable player files is that you are able to make changes in your code as you seem necessary, it is, therefore, more customisable compared to the iframe player. On the other hand, the iframe player is an ideal solution, if you are looking to easily share your videos with the world within a few clicks.

We also recommend reading the documentation, when downloading the player files. It is available on the same page.

7. If you have decided to go with the "embed code" proceed to customise the code as you wish, within the "Player embed code generator" page.

Please take notice of the "media URL additional format" field, if you make use of this, you are able to add a backup link to your video in case the first link does not work or is not supported by the device.

The "splash image url" field refers to the image that you can see in the video player before the video itself starts playing. We recommend uploading an image of your choice on to your CDN Storage and adding the link to it through a CDN Resource URL.

Bradmax Advertisement

1. Login to Streamflow portal

2. Click on your newly generated Player

3. Enable VAST/VMAP in Advertisement Plugin

If you cannot see this option, please contact our streamflow team to enable it.

4. Save changes and go back to player overview

5. Click 'Get embed code' button

6. Paste VMAP or VAST URL to the appropriate column in Configuration section.

For more in-depth information and settings, please refer to the Bradmax Documentation