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How to set up OBS?

Open Broadcaster Software is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.

We highly recommend it for recording your live streaming videos. It serves for streaming and then publishing the stream (data) to our streaming server where it is transcoded into Playback format of your choice (HLS, MPEG-DASH, HDS).

How to setup OBS to publish the stream to our streaming server?

1) Open your OBS and go to Settings.

OBS - Settings

2) Go to Stream on the left side panel.

3) For Stream Type choose: Custom Streaming Server.

OBS - Settings_stream

Then you can see the URL and Stream key fields, these pieces of information are available in your client's panel.

4) Go to your client's panel -> CDN -> RTMP/RTSP Ingest CDN Resources section -> click on your Streaming Resource

Note: When there is no RTMP/RTSP Ingest CDN Resources section inside CDN section in your client's panel, contact our support department. The chance is, that you do not have setup RTMP/RTSP entry point with us.

Client's section RTMP

Inside CDN Streaming Resource, there is your RTMP entry point:

Stream name (URL): rtmp://[1,2][number]/static/
Stream Key: ls-xxxxx-x?password=[password]

Client's section - Resource

Note: Stream name (URL) can begin either with 1, that means the streaming server is in Prague or with number 2, that's the streaming server in Atlanta.

5) Place your Stream name and your Stream Key into OBS.

6) Click on Apply.

OBS - Final

Congratulations, now you are all set up for streaming and publishing your streams through our CDN!