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Live Stream General Setup

After you have requested a trial and we have set it up, your new Live Streaming Resource will show up in your CDN77 Client in the RTMP/RTSP Ingest CDN Resources tab.


In the Overview tab of your Live Streaming Resource, you will find your RTMP entry point with your Stream name (URL) and your Stream Key.

Stream URL: rtmp://
Stream Key: LS-PRG-1234-1?password=YourPassword

You will need to enter these into your encoder and publish the stream to our servers. You can find our guide on setting up your stream with OBS here:

If you are using different streaming software other than OBS or if you are experiencing difficulties, you will find configuration tips below this article.

Underneath, you will find your Playback URLs for the following protocols: HLS, MPEG-DASH and HDS. Simply embed your preferred link into your player.


Configuration tips:

Some encoders do not require “/“ after “static” in your Stream name, so you may need to delete it if it doesn’t work. Some do not require /static/ e.g. ffmpeg

Try looking into your streaming software and find a proper way to set it up if these tips do not work, or you can visit our 24/7 chat support, where our technicians will help you set up your stream.

If you have created a CNAME for the CDN Resource, you will need to make sure it points at the CDN URL in your DNS. If you are not sure how to set up your CNAME, you can visit our guide here: