CDN site is not caching

To confirm your CDN site is not caching, use Curl command. You should always get a "MISS" as result. Refer to

When your CDN URL is not caching, it can be caused by the following:
1) Origin Cache-Control set as no-cache or 0
2) Cookies are enabled, you have to enable "ignore set cookies" in CDN Resource settings under the tab "Other Settings"
3) Expiry header comes before Cache-Control header. Our system will honor the order of web header. If expiry header is set to an old date, then the content will never be cached.
4) You get a 301/302 redirection when you are performing "curl -I" on your CDN URL. You may need to remove the redirection from the web Origin, or use IP Origin (if the redirection rule did not apply on IP).




Anyway, feel free to contact our support team if you're still getting bad results.