We support InstantSSL, SAN, and SNI certificates.

By default we offer an InstantSSL certificate for your CDN resource and any properly configured CNAME, that is assigned in the section CNAME & SSL

If you would like to use different SSL certificates it is possible too:
We offer a SAN certificate that is completely managed by us. The price of the SAN certificate is $69 per CNAME per year.
If you are interested in the SAN certificate, please send us an email to

SNI certificate

In the case of the SNI certificate, you simply select the option "I want to add my own SSL certificate" and upload your own SNI certificate.

When uploading your certificate, please remember to include also the Intermediate certificates provided by your certification authority.

The format in which you add your certificate should be as follows:

First column "Certificate (CRT) - along with intermediate certificates"

[your certificate's CRT data]
[your certificate's CRT data]

The second column "Private Key"

[your certificate's key data]

SNI certificate does not work with any Internet Explorer versions that run on Windows XP and default Android 2.X browsers. One certificate can be connected to multiple Resources if issued for such.

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