Hotlink protection

If you would like your CDN Resource to be accessible only via links from your website, you can set up hotlink protection for that specific CDN Resource. Hotlink protection works based on the "Referer:" header included in each HTTP request. You can easily set this for your CDN Resource from the "Access Protection" tab in your client section when selecting the CDN Resource.

There, under the "Hotlink Protection" option, you can input the domains you would like to whitelist or blacklist from accessing your CDN resource.

Currently, there is a limit to 5 whitelisted or blacklisted domains, but we can increase this for you. For increasing the limit to up to 20 white/blacklisted domains, please contact us via email at

You can also check if the empty referer should be denied, meaning if the request should be allowed or not when no referer header is present in the request.

Our tech team can also block access from specific IPs, IP subnets or specific countries (based on the geolocation from IP) to your content. For more information about this option, please contact our Technical Support team over the on our site or via email: