Live Streaming

CDN Live-streaming delivery aims to generate HLS/MPEG-DASH formats that are cacheable by the CDN. 

These are HTTP based protocols that consist of manifest and video segments—more in Supported formats.

Live streaming always begins on your side, be it a camera or encoder. You can configure your encoder to output HLS/Dash formats and directly connect it to our CDN network.

If that’s not an option, send us your live stream over standard protocols (RTMP, RTSP, MPEG‑TS, SRT), and we will convert and transcode your video to multi‑bitrate profiles optimise the viewing experience.

Live-streaming is typically a custom solution, please contact to discuss details.


Supported formatsIngest and playback formats supported by our platform and web playersSoftware & EncodersOverview of software and encoders used for live-streamingLive-to-VODConvert your live-streams to VoDRe-streamingForward your streams to multiple platforms (FB, Twitter, Youtube and more)Adaptive bitrateAdaptive bitrate (ABR) allows you to optimise viewer experience