Benefits of CDN

The Internet is an immense virtual landscape, with almost 3 billion users worldwide. Businesses are presented with an opportunity to reach vast amounts of customers worldwide.
The big question is: How to deliver excellent web performance and user experience, despite the poor connection, latency, and security threats?
This is where CDN steps in, becoming the primary tool for providing optimal and secure web performance, no matter the end-user's location. CDN is essential for every global business, and here are some of the reasons why:

Your response time & reliability will get a boost

High-performing websites or applications equal a high conversion rate. Latency and speed-related issues tend to harm web businesses and lead to an unpleasant user experience. Just a few seconds can mean the difference between a successful conversion or a bounce.
The increased load speed gives your online brand an SEO boost because Google ranks fast websites higher. CDN77 ensures that the load speed is more than optimal, provides statistics to reveal which assets are popular, show active regions, and report exact viewing details to the customers.

Your server load will decrease

The strategic placement of our PoPs can decrease the server load on interconnects, peers, and backbones, freeing up the overall capacity of your origin and reducing delivery costs.
Generally, the content is spread out across our edge servers that increase the capacity and number of concurrent users they can serve instead of offloading it onto one large server.

Cost-effective solution

Global CDN results in noticeable savings for business; instead of investing in infrastructure and separate service providers, CDN eliminates the need to pay for foreign hosting services and, thus, saves your business a lot of money.
CDN77 offers a single platform to handle all of the separate operations, working across numerous regions for a reasonable price.
You can find more details about our pricing system here:

Storage And Security

CDN77 offers secured storage capacity for all your static content, such as videos for enterprises that need it, as well as archiving data backup services.
We can secure content through Digital Rights Management and limit access through user authentication. Also, we provide you with our Smart Application Firewall (WAF), which blocks suspicious traffic as well as DDoS attacks from accessing your web server in the first place.
Because of a CDN's nature and how it redistributes traffic when needed, it makes it a reliable defense against DDoS attacks.
If such an attack targets your website, CDN will help ensuring it doesn’t reach the origin server. If one of our servers is hit with more traffic than it can handle, it simply sends the traffic to other servers. Your site will not experience any downtime.
You can find more about our security and other features here:

24/7 Technical Support

Providing you with outstanding customer support is our top priority. We have a technical support team at your disposal, standby at all times.
Whenever something occurs, you have a backup that's waiting to help you fix your performance-related problems.
You're not just paying for a CDN service; you're paying for a broad spectrum of services that help your business grow globally.