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How do I setup my CDN Resource?

When you first log into your control panel you'll see the Dashboard.

1. To create a new CDN resource, please click on "ADD NEW CDN RESOURCE" and then you will see the "Start building your CDN" page(screenshots below);

New CDN resource - CNAME and Origin


Lets assume you want to use the CDN for your website/domain.

"Label": In short, its the name of your CDN resource, so you can add anything as a label. 

"Where we take the data from?": You should select "My Origin", as described that the data will be hosted at your origin server and our edge servers will cache the static content to serve your visitors.

"What is your domain?": Your domain is the source or location of your content. i.e. or Here you will have to add the domain name you want to use the CDN for, you also need to select if your domain is http or https.


2. Once you hit "CREATE CDN RESOURCE" you'll be taken into the management area of your new CDN Resource. The Other Settings tab is where you'll be able to set the Cache expiry, Secure Token and Ignore Set Cookies along with other options.

Once you're finished, click on the "SAVE CHANGES" button and you will be done with settings on CDN77's end.

CDN Management area

PS. If you will be sending cookies with your content, please select the "Ignore Set Cookies" option as requests with cookies are not cached at all when this option is unchecked.


4. Now just last stage is left and that is integration of your website with CDN77. If you click on the "Integration" tab on the same page, you will see the guide for integration which you will have to do on your origin server's end.

That would be it, you have created the CDN resource successfully. If you want to learn how to boost your cache-hit ratio, make sure you read our article about 4 common mistakes that hinder your CDN performance.

In case you still need any help/guide, please write us directly to or live chat(24/7).