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Do Cache-Control and Expiry headers effect CDN77 Cache expiration setting?

Yes, the Cache-Control and Expires HTTP headers override the default expiry date and the cache expiration settings in the CDN77 client section.

The Cache-Control header has priority over Expires header, so if it is included, our cache servers use the expiration time based on the max-age value set in Cache-Control header.

Our server also respects the s-maxage value, in the Cache-Control header.

For example, if you want your files to be cached on our cache servers, from where you can immediately purge them, you can send the header, that takes care of such behavior:

Cache-Control: s-maxage=2592000, max-age=0

Lastly, our edge servers also respect the X-Accel-Expires header. This header takes priority over all other caching headers.

How to set these headers for your files? Check our knowledge base!