CDN Storage

CDN Storage is a dedicated space for your static content. Upload is managed via FTP/SFTP or RSYNC. You can upload images, videos, HTML files and more. It's not designed as a typical server hosting, meaning you cannot run PHP scripts.

Our main Storage locations are Prague (EU) and Chicago (US).

With the help of CDN Storage, you are able to decrease the load and save the usage on your Origin server. Our clients mostly go for this solution when delivering large video files or installation packages.

Up to 50 GB of Storage capacity or up to 500 000 of stored files are absolutely free. If you reach over one of these limits, the price listed on our website will be deducted from your credit each month.


Setup & ConfigurationCreate and configure CDN Storage for content deliveryUploading filesGuide for uploading files via FTP or RSYNC.