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How do I increase my cache efficiency?

The bandwidth graph on your dashboard shows the difference between the total traffic from your CDN resources and the total amount of static content that has not been cached. This ratio is called cache efficiency. It is ideal to maintain a cache efficiency of 90% or higher.

Why is my cache efficiency low?

  1. You have too many active database centres (PoPs). Normally selecting the 3-6 most used servers will give you the best performance. 

  2. You’ve created multiple CDN Resources with the same Origin. You should be using only one CDN Resource for each Origin/location.

  3. Sometimes our servers are not able to cache your content, there are several possible reasons. For example, you may have the Cache-Control header set to private, a low TTL or you may have a 301 redirect in place. If you’re unable to find the cause and you continue to have problems with low cache efficiency then contact our Support department for help.


How to choose the datacenter locations?

In the CDN Report section, you can easily see how the website traffic is served from each region and also each datacenter. Based on this information, select the most used locations.