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Can I ignore just some query string fields?

You can now improve your hit/miss ratio even further by ignoring specific query strings. This function is useful in case you cannot ignore all query strings in your CDN Resource and still need to add tags to your URLs that should be ignored, especially web analytics tracking, affiliate tags etc.

You can set which parameters should be ignored in your dashboard for each CDN Resource individually. To do so, follow these steps:

1) Log in to your dashboard at

2) Navigate to the CDN tab in the main menu

3) Select the CDN Resource you want to ignore query strings for.

4) Navigate to the Other settings

5) In the “Ignore Query strings” part, select the “Ignore only selected parameters

6) Click the Add new parameter button, type in the parameter you want to ignore and confirm by clicking the Add button. You can repeat this step to add more parameters to ignore.

7) Don’t forget to click the Save changes button. :)

Our servers will leave the parameters in the URL, but will no longer register them when deciding whether the URL is unique.

In this example, index.htm?utm_source=cdn77 and index.htm?utm_source=google will be tracked correctly, but will not cause the index.htm to be cached twice.