Troubleshooting error messages

400 Bad Request Error

There could be several reasons for this error. If you’ve just created a CDN Storage, then you need to wait 5 minutes. If you’re using an HTTP or VOD resource and you’re getting the error only on your CDN URL or CNAME, it’s best to contact our Support department.

404 File Not Found

Usually, this error is caused by one of the following things:
First, it’s possible that you are linking to a file that doesn’t exist. An easy way to confirm this is to try and access the same file on your origin URL.
The second reason could be that your CNAME wasn't installed correctly, or the update to your DNS hasn’t fully propagated yet. Remember that CNAME records can take anywhere between 1-24 hours to go live. You can confirm if the CNAME record has been installed by running a simple command in your terminal.

Lastly, you might be using an incorrect origin URL. For example, if your website has a redirect going from to then make sure to include the www in the origin URL inside your client section.

406 Not Acceptable

This error means that our edge servers are not able to cache your content. First, try doing a Purge of your content to see if this resolves the problem. If not, then it’s best to contact your provider to see if you have any security configurations on your server that could be causing this. You can also contact our support department for additional help.

502 Bad Gateway

If you’re getting this error on the entire website, you should quickly Purge all files on the CDN resource. Wait a few minutes and then see if the website is back online. If it’s still down, then it’s best to contact our Support department. Usually, when an error like this happens, it is because you’re behind a firewall. One thing you can try is disabling some of your local PoP servers to see if you can get the files from other servers.

503 Service Unavailable

This error can be due to problems on the origin or the CDN side. It’s best to contact our Support department so they can detect the source of the error.

504 Gateway Timeout Error

This error means that our CDN edge servers cannot reach your origin server. This error is usually caused by a firewall on your origin server. The first thing you should do is check to see if it is behind a firewall. In case that's the case, you must disable it as you cannot be behind a firewall and use a CDN at the same time. If you aren’t behind a firewall, then you should log into your client section and Purge all the content from your CDN Resource. Once you’ve done this, wait several minutes to see if the error has resolved. If the error continues, please contact our Support department so our technicians can investigate further.

577 Origin not resolvable

This means that our CDN77 servers are unable to reach your origin server due to an issue in the DNS resolution. Please check the domain you have set as the origin for this CDN Resource and make sure it is properly responding – is correctly set in your DNS. Also, if you have recently made any changes to the DNS record for this domain, that could be the cause of this issue. You can try updating your CDN Resource's origin to the proper one / change it directly to the server IP. If the error continues, please contact our Support department so our technicians can investigate further.