Multi-layer Cache

With multi-layer caching we employ a second (or higher) layer of caching servers upstream from the CDN edge servers. These will sit between our edges and your origin.

Requests to the CDN will hit our edge servers first, where we will check if the requested content is cached. Cached content will be returned directly from the edge. Requests for non-cached content will be sent upstream to the next layer of cache servers. These second-layer cache servers are deployed in strategic regional data centers that have excellent interconnectivity to our edges.

Due to the second layer being regional, it handles requests from multiple edges, making it more likely to have content cached in cases an edge server may not yet. If content is cached on the second layer, it will be returned to the edge server, which will cache the content and deliver it to the requester.

In case the content is not cached on either the edge or second layer, the request will be passed to the origin, which replies with the content, caching it on each layer on the way back to the requester.