API documentation


Get a listing of your traffic and bandwidth usage.


Get the costs and bandwidth consumption for your traffic statistics.


Parameter Example Description
login string* info@domain.com Your login (email) to CDN77 control panel
passwd string* 8vL4BpXbRqgPTKA0h Your API password.
type string* bandwidth Valid values: 'bandwidth' | 'costs' | 'headers' | 'hit-miss' | 'traffic'
from int* 1398139200 for 22-04-2014. timestamp
to int* 1398139200 for 22-04-2014. timestamp
cdn_ids array List of ids of CDN Resources. See how to retrieve list of CDN Resources.
* Parameter required.

Return Values

Return Value Description
unit > USD (for costs) | B (for traffic) | bps (for bandwidth)
data > Contains another objects - its identificators are cdn ids and has following params: EU (Europe), SA (South America), NA (North America), AS (Asia), AU (Australia), AF (Africa). Each param contains float value. Example of report object:



# GET request
curl -g "https://api.cdn77.com/v2.0/report/details?login=name@domain.com&passwd=your_api_password&type=bandwidth&from=1398139200&to=1399139200&cdn_ids[]=xxx" #response {"status": "ok", "description": "Request was successful.", "report": {"unit": "bps", "data": {"xxx": {"NA": 114.22, "EU": 242.26, "AS": 81.89, "SA": 3.02, "AU": 5.87, "AF": 0}}}}