How to use Cyberduck with CDN77 Object Storage

Cyberduck is an open-source file transfer client for Mac and Windows. It supports FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and S3-compatible storages, our CDN77 Object Storage included.

What do I need?

  • Download and Install Cyberduck -
  • Access key and secret key for your CDN77 Object Storage, generated when the bucket is created

Adding a Connection Bookmark

To access your files quickly and easily every time without needing to manually fill-in your secret key and access key, we suggest adding a connection bookmark to Cyberduck.

You can add a bookmark by clicking the plus icon in the lower left corner.

Start by changing the protocol from the default "FTP" to "Amazon S3", add a nickname and the fill in the server endpoint. The endpoint differs based on region, either US or EU, and should be in the following format: {region}
The exact endpoint can be found in the CDN77 Client Panel's object storage configuration, it's listed as the URL.

To wrap things up, just fill in your access key and secret key and close out of the window. The bookmark should now be added to your list.

After successfully connecting you will be able to see your buckets and the objects they contain.

File Management

Uploading and Downloading files is as simple as any other file explorer, just drag and drop to upload and download files to and from your storage.

Change default ACL to bucket-owner-full-control

Open Preferences -> S3 -> Default ACL and change that to bucket-owner-full-control. For more information see - ACL and Access Keys