Data centres

Data centres, commonly referred to as PoP (Points of Presence), are meant as available locations of our edge servers for the delivery of your content.

One of the common misconceptions regarding the amount of PoPs is that more PoPs means better delivery. While in many cases this statement might be correct, in most cases it is exactly the other way.

Why less is more?

Our CDN solution caches your static assets individually on each edge server. This also means that in case we have several servers in a certain location, the assets need to be cached multiple times.

In case there is a low amount of requests for your assets through a certain location, it is better to lower the overall amount of active PoPs to the most strategic ones.
Usually in this case we recommend lowering the overall amount of PoPs to 4-8 to increase the performance of your caching rating and thus providing better delivery.

If you are still not sure on how to select the best locations or if the currently selected locations are best for your service, but your caching ratio is still low, please do contact our technical support at or via our and we will promptly help you resolve the problem.