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What is a CDN Storage?

It is a storage server for your static content. A hard drive with FTP/SFTP/rsync access that our CDN servers can reach very fast.

It works as a complete substitute of your origin server for storing your static files (however, be aware that it is not regular hosting server, from where you could host your whole dynamic website).

With the help of CDN Storage, you are able to decrease the number of load requests and save usage on your origin. Our clients mostly go for this solution when delivering really large files like large videos or installation files, since Storages have a usually better response time and upload speed than your origin.

Up to 50 GB of the Storage capacity or up to 500 000 of stored files are absolutely for free. If you reach over one of these limits, we contact you by mail to discuss the price. If you need CDN Storage with more than 1TB of space, please contact us at to discuss the price with you directly.