Interacting with CDN77 Object Storage

Our API can be used to directly manage your buckets programmatically using HTTP requests.

Here's our API documentation.

Clients, libraries, command line tools

Command line tools

  • s3cmd
s3cmd --configure <-

Enter new values or accept defaults in brackets with Enter.
Refer to user manual for detailed description of all options.
Access key and Secret key are your identifiers for Amazon S3. Leave them empty for using the env variables.
Access Key []: YOUR-ACCESS-KEY <-
Secret Key []: YOUR-SECRET-KEY <-
Default Region [US]: (leave empty) <-

Use "" for S3 Endpoint and not modify it to the target Amazon S3.
S3 Endpoint []: <-

Use "%(bucket)" to the target Amazon S3. "%(bucket)s" and "%(location)s" vars can be used
if the target S3 system supports dns based buckets.
DNS-style bucket+hostname:port template for accessing a bucket []: %(bucket) <-

Encryption password is used to protect your files from reading
by unauthorized persons while in transfer to S3
Encryption password: (We don't support this at the moment so leave it blank)
Path to GPG program:

When using secure HTTPS protocol all communication with Amazon S3
servers is protected from 3rd party eavesdropping. This method is
slower than plain HTTP, and can only be proxied with Python 2.7 or newer
Use HTTPS protocol [Yes]:

On some networks all internet access must go through a HTTP proxy.
Try setting it here if you can't connect to S3 directly
HTTP Proxy server name:

Test access with supplied credentials? [Y/n] y <-
Please wait, attempting to list all buckets...
Success. Your access key and secret key worked fine :-)

Now verifying that encryption works...
Not configured. Never mind.

Save settings? [y/N] y <-
Configuration saved to '/Users/johmsmith/.s3cfg'
  • s5cmd

The s5cmd uses AWS CLI credentials so you can configure it using the wizard as seen in the AWS CLI part or you can directly create the credentials file in your home folder.

vim ~/.aws/credentials

aws_access_key_id = YOUR-ACCESS-KEY
aws_secret_access_key = YOUR-SECRET-KEY

When using the s5cmd you need to always specify the endpoint URL.

s5cmd --endpoint-url=https://{region} ls

Known issues

some versions of s3cmd and s5cmd are guessing MIME type during upload, resulting into incorrect MIME type.

To prevent this issue use the following versions:

  • s3cmd 2.2.0 or higher
  • s5cmd 1.2.0 or higher

GUI clients

  • Cyberduck
  Open Connection
  Pick Amazon s3

  Server: {region}.cdn77-storage
  Port: 443
  Secret Access Key: YOUR-SECRET-KEY

Lean more in our How to use Cyberduck with CDN77 Storage documentation


  • CDN77 Storage API is S3 compatible so you can use the official AWS S3 SDK or other S3-compatible libraries.