You're browsing the documentation for a deprecated version of CDN77 API, which became unavailable on 20 December 2021. For more information, read the Migration guide.




Get your account details. Object in standard response: account


Parameter Example Description
login string* Your login (email) to CDN77 control panel
passwd string* 8vL4BpXbRqgPTKA0h Your API password.

Return value

Return Value Description
id Account ID.
email Account e-mail which is used for authentication. Any action that requires authentication needs to pass the login parameter.
full_name Full name.
phone Minimum 6 digits.
renewal_upper_limit Whether to allow automatic recharge and for what amount of money. Values: 0 => disable, 0+ => maximum recharge limit. Automatic recharge means that if you have less than five days of available credit, we will automatically charge your credit card. Use '0' to disable automatic recharge, or another value to enable this feature. We will notify you via email after each recharge. A minimum recharge payment is based on two weeks of usage to ensure continued service. Currency is in USD.
format_time How to format time. Valid values: 'America' | 'Europe'
format_date Valid values: 'America' | 'Asia' | 'Europe'
reports_time_range The default time range that you would like to see in your reports. Valid values: '120 hours' | '12 hours' | '1 month' | '1 week' | '24 hours' | '2 weeks' | '48 hours' | '4 hours' | '8 hours'
dashboard_time_range Default time range that you would like to see inside your dashboard. Valid values as listed start at 4 hours, and the highest being a Month value. Valid values: '24H' | '48H' | '4H' | '8H' | 'M' | 'W'


// GET request

curl ""

// response
    "status": "ok", 
    "description": "Request was successful.", 
    "account": { 
        "renewal_upper_limit": 0, 
        "id": xxx, 
        "email": "", 
        "full_name": "Your Name", 
        "phone": "",
        "format_time": "Europe", 
        "format_date": "Europe", 
        "reports_time_range": "24 hours", 
        "dashboard_time_range": "24H"