CDN Storage Video Conversion

Simply upload your mp4 or FLV videos to CDN Storage and we will convert your video file to HLS or mpeg-dash format, secure and deliver them to your audience across the globe using our robust Content Delivery Network.

In order for this feature to be enabled, you need to contact our support. You may do so via our live chat, skype or by email.

For HLS/Dash to work, you'll need slightly modified links. You may find examples below.

How it works:

We enable the conversion for a specific folder on your CDN Storage, meaning it will work for all files in this folder only. You need to upload your videos there first. Assign the Storage as Origin to your CDN Resource and use proper links to access it.
You may upload a video in multiple qualities, which allows you to adaptively choose best possible quality. Uploaded videos must follow a specific format, see below.

Location where to upload your files:


Format for uploading files:


Note that the quality always follows the video name as _, this allows you to have multiple qualities in a single link.

Once all these are uploaded then the HLS Adaptive link will be as follows:,360,720,1080,.mp4.urlset/master.m3u8

Note that in our playback link /hls/ replaces /www/vod/

Single quality HLS links for all of these videos will also be available.
For example the 1080p version will be at:

Dash link with single quality:

Dash link with multiple qualities:,360,720,1080,.mp4.urlset/manifest.mpd

You can play these in VLC or some other player

Your standard mp4 link:

HLS Single quality:

HLS Multiple qualities:,480,720,1080,.mp4.urlset/master.m3u8

Dash Single quality:

Dash Multiple qualities:,480,720,1080,.mp4.urlset/manifest.mpd