Billing FAQ

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about plans and billing.

Where can I find invoices for my payments?

You can find invoices for all your payments on the Invoice page of the Billing section.

Why is my credit balance in a negative state?

You can find information about all the charges deducted from your credit balance in your Billing history. Simply go to the Billing section and scroll all the way down on the Overview page.

Where can I change my billing information?

You can edit your billing information on the Billing details page in the Billing section.

How can I activate the auto-renewal and auto-recharge functions?

You can turn on the Plan auto-renewal and credit auto-recharge in the Payment method page of the Billing section. Please note that at the moment, both functions are available only when using credit card as the payment method.

How do I save a new credit card information?

In order for your new credit card to save in our system, it is necessary to make a payment. You can either renew your Plan or recharge your credit.