OpenCart CDN Integration

1. Create a CDN Resource.

2. Download the module for OpenCart.

3. Install the CDN77 Services module by uploading folders “admin” and “system” to the root path of your website so these files are merged with the existing ones.

  • - Go to the admin panel of your OpenCart store and open the modules list on Extensions -> Modules.
  • - Click on the “install” button on the right side to install module
  • - After the installation is done, you have to list the modules again and go to the “edit” button on the right side of modules list in the CloudCache module row

4. Enter the CDN URL or CNAME in the “Custom Domain/Temporary URL” field.

5. Click the check boxes next to the file types you would like to deliver through the CDN (Images, JS and CSS).

6. Click on “Save” button to save all changes


If your site is still not integrated with the CDN after you finish this guide (you can check by viewing your page source code - the CDN URL / CNAME should be used to deliver the file types you have selected), please check and make sure compression is disabled in your opencart settings.