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Magento CDN Integration

Before you take any steps please backup your site and database.

1. Log to your Magento Admin Panel

2. Click on System at the top navigation bar and select Configuration

3. In the General menu click on the Web tab.

4. Inside the Unsecure area update the following with your CDN URL or CNAME (You will find both under Manage CDNs in CDN77 CROP).
Below is an example considering is your CNAME and your origin.

Base URL:
Base link URL: leave default here

Base Skin URL:
Base Media URL:
Base JavaScript URL:

Congratulations, you are now using CDN77!

To confirm that the plugin is working view the page source of your website. If your URL paths are showing the CNAME (or CDN URL, depending on what you used), then you have successfully integrated your website with CDN77.