Uploading files

Uploading files to CDN Storage can be done in two ways: RSYNC and FTP.


RSYNC is a tool that usually comes with the terminal on Unix-like operating systems. To upload your files using RSYNC, you only need to copy the provided command in the CDN Storage tab on your client panel. It should look as follows:

rsync -va /YOUR/DIRECTORY/ user_ho1lu0xvz@push-30.cdn77.com:/www/

RSYNC without password

You can use the /.ssh/ directory for placing your keys to access the zone.

If you're familiar with ssh keys, you can add your public key into /.ssh/authorized_keys and use extended rsync call like /.ssh/authorized_keys, which has to be with 600 permission.

You can use, for example, this command to upload your public key to the CDN Storage (you will still need to use the password here):

rsync -va /path/to/your/public_key user_xxxxxxxx@push-xx.cdn77.com:/.ssh/authorized_keys

And then this command to upload files to the Storage, without the need to use the password anymore:

rsync -e "ssh -i /path/to/your/private_key" /path/to/file user_xxxxxxxx@push-1.cdn77.com:/www/


To upload your files via FTP, you need to have an FTP client. If you don’t have one, we highly recommend you to download and install Filezilla. It’s a great open-source software.

Once you enter the application, plug in your FTP host, username and password to connect - your connection credentials are available in the CDN Storage tab in the client zone.

Once connected, you’ll see that the FTP client is divided into two sections - Local Site and Remote Site. The Local Site area contains the list of your computer’s files and folders, while the Remote Site contains your CDN Storage server's files and folders. 

The root directory of the CDN Storage is /www. When you enter this directory, you can create additional subdirectories by right-clicking in the Remote Site space and selecting the Create Directory option.

When you’re ready, you can start uploading files to your CDN Storage.

  • Upload

When you transfer a file with FTP, you create a copy of that file in the destination you choose. To transfer a file from your computer to your CDN storage, locate the file in your FTP client's Local Site panel. Now drag the file to the panel displaying your Remote Site and put it where you would like to have a copy of it.

  • Download

To download a file from your CDN Storage to your computer, reverse the process. Locate the file in your Remote Site and drag it by mouse to your selected folder in the Local Site panel.